Dineega Specialty Furs

Custom Sea Otter, Seal, and Sea Lion fur clothing and art by Diana Riedel

Dineega Custom Products

Seal and Sea Otter Trapper Hats $450

Sea Lion and Sea Otter Trapper hat $500

Sea Otter Trapper Hat $500

Mittens $275

Mens and Womens seal, sea otter, or sea lion mittens. Can also add super soft sea otter fur lining for $75

Headbands $150

Sea Otter Trimmed leather gloves $100

Seal slippers with Sea Otter Trim $200

Pillows and Blankets

seaotter or custom pillows 12x12 $150

seaotter or custom pillows 15x15 $200

Larger and for Custom Blanket orders please email me


I love making all different sorts of jewlery out of furs. Please check out my jewlery page for ideas or my store for in stock items.