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Dineega Products

Trapper Hats $500

My fur trapper hats have been customized to have longer ear flaps that completely cover your chin when tied together and the hats also come down in the back to cover your neck. Everywhere this hat touches your skin has the softest warmest sea otter fur. These hats last 10 plus years when taken care of correctly. Marine mammal fur has natural water repellant properties. The all sea otter fur hats are great for extreme cold and wind chill. Hats come in size large (22-23 1/2 inches) and extra large (23- 24 1/2 inches) I also have small and medium for children. If for any reason you aren't satisfied with this hat I gladly take returns or size exchanges within 7 days of receiving.

Please check out the hats page to see variations in seal, seaotter, sea lion, and leather hats.  Seaotter lining is also an option to make this hat very warm and uses only natural products.  Just the fur and leather ties. 

Mittens $350

seal, sea otter, or sea lion mittens. Leather palms and polar fleece lining. i normally use sea otter for trim but i also have beaver, land otter, and coyote fur. Small, medium, large, or extra large. if you dont know your size you can send a hand trace or what general measurement and length. Can also add super soft and warm sea otter fur lining for an extra $100. sea otter lined mittens are incrediblty warm. they are a little stiff with the extra fur lining but will soften up over time. Check out the mitten page for more examples.

Sea Otter Fur Headband/ Scarf $200

Sea Otter Trimmed leather gloves $150

Sea Otter fur headbands/scarfs come in small 22", med 23", & LG 24". They are backed Ultrasuede & have Velcro closures to be adjustable. You can wear them around your neck, face, & head.  I wear mine inside my coat with the fur facing in for extra warmth. 

Leather gloves trimmed in sea otter fur. sizes small 7, medium 7.5 & 8, large 8.5,  extra large 9. Trimmed in dark black prime sea otter fur. I can order different colors, Or if you have a pair you like you can send them to me to be trimmed out. 

Seal slippers with Sea Otter Trim $200

seal slippers with seaotter trim and lining $250

Baby Booties (3-9 months) $125

Seal fur slippers with sea otter trim and leather soles. Polar fleece lining. Can also do sea otter fur lining. Please specify size and what color leather trim you would like. 

Pillows and Blankets

seaotter or custom pillows 12x12 $200

seaotter or custom pillows 15x15 $250

custom pillow and Custom Blanket orders please email me for quote.

I have a few Pendleton blankets in stock as well for backing on custom fur blankets.

Jewlery, Purses, and Wallets

I love making all different sorts of jewlery out of furs. Please check out my jewlery page for ideas or my store for in stock items. 

My bifold seal or sealion wallets are $150

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